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“As each adventurer steps thru the mirror , he finds himself in a huge Arena , in wich the presence of four monumental pilars , with different colours but equal runes , dominate the scenery. Along with them, they find themselves with members of 21 other different races…..”_

Appeared in the Arena , with other 21 members of different races , and found out 5 partners according to the letters each had. Touched one of the pillars ( blue ) and were transported to a cave.After an easy battle with some animals , they eventually found stairs going upward . It was full of Yuan-ti´s , and they had to cut their way thru in a very difficult battle . They learn the tower used to belong to someone named Bane-reth. The Tower is named Tal-Aqat. Found six rings with different shades of blue , and a Violet Shard. Chose one for each of them , and as soon as everyone got one , the rings attached themselves to their fingers and couldn´t be removed.

In the battle , Earendil and Dennior died. But were brought back to life , by the rings of Hammer and Cyber , who were in returned cursed with a “weakning spell” .The rings lost their spark , but still remain stuck in their fingers.

Once outside , on top of the Tower , it was night. They found out in the sky , 12 moons , and a strange “black hole” for a 13th moon. After the nights rest they found out they were in a desert.

They decided to wander Northeast , after trying to follow some footprints that lead to nothing ,and after some days , found a Temple, on the outskirts of the Desert. It had a strange glow on it´s top , but also eerie voices from within. They camped outside it , where, for some , the night was very eventful , and they learned more of their personal story.





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