Podcast 0612


Pain rages through your brain!
With a cry, you wake up !!!!!!
You look around , and you see you’re an old and small room made entirely of stone, and you lie on a bed of wood and straw. In the background you see a wooden table with some objects on top of it, and beside it ,a large mirror. On one side you see also an iron door, apparently the only way out of this place.
“Where am I? How did I get here ", you think, and when you start trying to understand this, a still more serious question haunts you.
“Who am I ??!!!!”
Scared, you get up from bed, naked, and frantically search for something, a way out, answers, someone!!!!!
But nothing … …
You go back to bed, disoriented, and after a few seconds where you resume a normal breathing, you try to clarify your ideas, and summarize everything you know.
You do not know your name, do not know how you came here , you do not know where you are, you do not know what you were doing before this.
You know you have to leave here, you know the name given to everything around you, you know you have some innate abilities, you know what you have to do to survive and speak and think, you know the objects that you saw on the table and that you are familiar with them when you held them they , as if part of you.
With this moment of clarity, you rise up and walk to the table,passing near the door, and you realize that it’s locked.
On top of the table are clothes, weapons, a backpack, a blank sheet of parchment and a sealed letter.
Wearing the clothes that are exactly your size, you read the letter:
“… My dear …”

This campaign is going to happen in the world of Eberron, but knowledge of this setting is not necessary, because this is indeed the starting point of the campaign, your PC does not know where he is and knows nothing about the world, that´s one of the objectives of the campaign , find out how you got here , who put you here, and who they are, and who you were. This path of discovery will be difficult and full of dangers and other demands.
Probably the only thing you have to know, is that there is magic, as in another setting, and that in this world, people do not have prejudice against a particular race , and don´t see any humanoid race as naturally evil or naturally good, so the orcs, goblins, and other “monstrous race” of society , can be as evil or good as elves and humans … There is as much evil in a Human or Elf, as there is an Orc or Gnoll.
This, of course, except for monsters clearly established as that , Demons, Devils, etc..

The ideia of this initial part of the Campaing , is a bit like the character “Jason Bourne” in the first movie, you instinctively react to situations, with great determination and skill (depending on the skills of your PC of course).
Once you do something, you aquire this information and it can wake up other informations in your subconscious.
You are aware of what is wrong and right (although it varies from one PC to another, depending on what you wish from your PC) but all start from a position of “Unaligned” at first, walking for good or evil (in this case do not forget one of the assumptions of D & D, where heroes, you, can never be truly “evil” because it goes against what is a “hero”) according to your actions in the adventures.
You have the capacity to give names to things, speak and write, understand threats and respond to them, (eg:you know that “being” in front of you wants to kill you, and that it will attack, due to his behaviour and because it has huge claws and sharp teeth, that you assume that it will use) but do not know (initially, only with the help of a magic item that I´ll reveal later)that it is called Rage Drake.
Because you do not remember your past,you will not worship any God at this stage, during the adventure,however, and seeing the world, it´s will and beliefs, that may change. However, the classes connected to the Divine have all the powers they would have ,if they knew the name of a God (which will happen is that all mention of names of Gods will be deleted from the description of the powers), because this power you invoke, and that goes thru you, is provided by an entity, you do not know who he is, but it has enormous power and let´s you use it.
Also, as you have no memory of your past, the source of Primal and Arcana powers , instinctively come to you without you knowing the principles and the names of these forces , although you can use them in all of its capabilities.
The powers that are part of yourself, like martial and psionic, are also instinctive.
You will be able to choose any type of class allowed by the rules, including the Essentials, and the choice of race will only be allowed from among those listed below. As you get to see, they are divided on the initial benefits, in basically three “types” of races:

Races “blessed by the Dragons,” which will have a Dragonmark (not aberrant dragonmark) as extra feat (to be placed manually on the form), which is a mark on your skin (like a tattoo, but that all Dragonmarks , of a certain type are all the same) in a place of your choice, ranging from small (at first, with the size of a hand) to huge (the maximum expression, which occupies the entire body). The values ​​and rituals that give this feat will be increased over time, depending on leveling up. Have a Dragonmark also implies, that you belong to one of the “Houses” of Eberron (a kind of Guilds, however they work globally, in where each House has a specific Dragonmark), even without knowing it, which means that in the future, you will be the target of intrigue, and subject to penalties and rewards in encounters with the general population, and also gain an innate sense to “feel” members of your “House” in the vicinity (and they you).

The native races of Eberron, are those that are (theoretically) unique to Eberron, or that exist in Eberron since its conception. Members of these races, receive benefits, a Dragonshard Augment (magic crystal from three possible sources ) which is a magical item that increases the power of a magic weapon or magic implement. This Dragonshard, as you evolve, also advances in its power, because your energy will release their innate potential (the Dragonshard rises to Paragon when you go up.) These Dragonshards are linked to you, and lose all its magic if you give or sell them to someone.

Races “new” in Eberron, which are races that appeared later in the history of the world, receive benefits as a tattoo, and depending on who you are evolving, it also advances in its power, because your energy will release their innate potential (the Paragon Tattoo rises too, when you go up.) This Tattoo is not transferable and can not be deleted, but may have another in your body. You have to choose the place where it is located.

The PCs will also benefit from their background. The allowed background is only from the “General” ones, and even then, only “logical” (or justified) to a particular class or race (eg, a fighter will have a benefit to physical skill and not intelligence, or a dwarf can have dungeonering ), and this benefit has to be decided between the DM and player. By the very concept of the campaign, if you do not remember the past, you can´t have benefits from your past, however,you have, for example +2 endurance because your body belonged to a desert area where physical strength was “part” of your body, or a +2 arcana in your past because your mind has been trained by years of reading.
However, with the discovery of your past, you will be able to change the benefit of a skill, and “unlock” them ,according to your personal discovery.

Something very important ,is that there can be only one member of each race . This has to do with the story of the campaign. And between the races, there are five races, you do not know which , that will receive extra benefits during the campaign, this has to do with the story of the campaign as well.
Regarding the Feats, those that are unique to Dark Sun, are prohibited, as well as any other that may occasionally arise from any other setting , excluding Eberron.
As for the objects during the campaign, the rules of common items, unusual and rare, are the current ones . As before, the exclusive objects of Dark Sun, are prohibited.
Also something particularly unusual is the fact that you do not have access to maps and books about monsters and locations, so you must keep a record of your finding and exploring.

All other rules and issues will be the current standing for any other D & D setting.

Allowable Races:

Human – Dragonmark (extra feat)
Dwarf – Dragonmark (extra feat)
El f – Dragonmark (extra feat)
Half-Elf – Dragonmark (extra feat)
Half-Orc – Dragonmark (extra feat)
Halfling – Dragonmark (extra feat)
Gnomes – Dragonmark (extra feat)

Warforged – Dragonshard
Longtooth Shifter – Dragonshard
Razorclaw Shifter – Dragonshard
Kalashtar – Dragonshard
Changeling – Dragonshard
Orc – Dragonshard
Gnoll – Dragonshard
Goblin – Dragonshard
Hobgoblin – Dragonshard
Bugbear – Dragonshard

Drow – Tattoo
Minotaur – Tattoo
Tiefling – Tattoo
Goliath – Tattoo
Duergar – Tattoo

Classes allowed:

All, including the Essentials, with the updates , as they are made to the classes , but with progress only when a PC levels up. The creation of the PC’s may be in any digital formats (Old CB Essentials or New CB) or Official Character Sheet.


The common tools that you can buy with 100 GP’s (who will be found in the room where you start).
1 Blank Scroll (magical and that has special purpose in the campaign).
1 Chart .
1 Dragonshard (up to level 3), or Tatoo (up to level 3), for races that have it.